A bare-bone dynamic & responsive website.
Comes with the best user-friendly content management tool (Wordpress), optimised for best search engine ranking results (SEO).

STARTER is a ready-to-go product, without content, landing pages or other fancy stuff included.

All you will ever need to start adding content to your website, with extended possibilities and compatibility, advanced drag & drop Page Builder, bundled with Security and Backup plugins that will keep your website safe.

This is our Core Product and it is compatible with all our Add-on services (content setup, landing page, e-shop, online bookings etc.).



Add e-commerce functionality to your STARTER website.

Sell products & services online, receive payments via direct bank transfer, credit cards or Paypal account.

Online Bookings


Add reservations functionality to your STARTER website.

Offers the possibility to make online reservations from your website, manage your bookings, include special offers etc.
Reservations can be made by day or hour intervals, per category and many more options.

Ideal for hotels, doctors & therapists, event management and anything that can be booked in advance.



Add multilingual functionality to your STARTER website.

Offers the possibility to present your content in additional languages.

Additional Content


Add content (+10 pages/products) to your website.

This service includes:

  • Insert content that you provide for up to 10 pages/products for every language*.

*For every extra language just increase the number in the cart.

Advanced Support

200 / 2 months

Continuous support based on a monthly or seasonal basis.

It depends on the project’s demands and the cost of services can vary depending on what is agreed.

It starts from €100/month.

Main Options:

  • Troubleshooting & Technical support 24/7
  • Software updates
  • Monthly backups
  • Advanced Security
  • Content Updates
  • Content Generation
  • Newsletter
  • Social Media

Basic Support

120 / 12 months

Our most basic form of annual support.

It includes:

  • Basic Support for 1 year (renewed annually)
  • Software updates
  • 4 backups/year
  • Advanced Security
  • 1 minor Content Update per year

Landing Page


Add an advanced landing page to your homepage, products or your main category pages.

This service includes:

  • An extended impressive presentation of services, special products or other information included in a single-page layout, with photos and impact text, video backgrounds, parallax sections, carousels and other advanced elements.

*For every extra page, product, category page or language just increase the number in the cart.

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